My own suggestion for F1 regulations. #F1ideas

The regulations for Formula 1 becomes more complicated and less open for innovation each year (even if 2014 will open a lot of new stuff – but the new stuff is still very hardly regulated). I think that is wrong so I wrote down some ideas. 


However, there must be constraints for the sake of safety and costs. I wrote my own suggestion for regulations – of course they are simplified and many necessary things are left out. But these are some ideas that point to how I think Formula 1 would benefit as a sport and as entertainment as well as business.

All suggestions below are for each team with two cars, unless stated otherwise.

When it says ”car” it means a team’s car in singulars.
Each team may spend up to €100 Million on car development and running of the team between January 1 and December 31.

They may spend up to €25 Million on engine lease.
Engine development costs cannot exceed €20 Million per engine maker.

They may spend any amount they like on promotion that doesn’t include design, construction, testing.

The fuel must be regular 98 octane gasoline, same which may be bought by consumers with good availability.
Fuel additive of up to 5% of any type allowed, as long as it is not dangerous to health from vapors or when burned.
Car must be fuelled 100 kg fuel before race. Minimum 1 kg must remain after race.

Construction of engine is free in that any number of cylinders and size, cylinders or rotary, is allowed. However a minimum weight for engines is set.

Turbo and compressor are allowed to use.

ERS is mandated. Battery and electric engine must weigh between 80 and 100 kg.

Harvesting is allowed in whatever way team wants. Applying it is allowed in whatever way team wants.
Cars to have four wheels, only driven on rear wheels.
Wide rear wheels for high mechanical grip.

Three types of dry tyres to choose from at each race. Faster tyres that degrade quicker and slower ones that last longer. No tyres should last more than 50% of the race distance. Not mandatory to use more than one compound.

Free use of tyre compunds for qualifying with two sets of each compound supplied for qualifying.

Monsoon tyres back in F1 to stop safety car races when it’s raining.

Mandatory minimum car height on FIAs discretion if they expect risk for heavy rain.

Cars must weigh 699 kg including driver and 619 kg excluding driver. Any ballast to reach those limits must be placed on a standardized position close to the driver’s seat.

Wings must be able to fit inside boxes, made available by FIA.

Construction free within box constraints.
Wings to be smaller than now to reduce downforce, which with free design within box constraints could otherwise give a big gain in downforce.

Part of diffuser to be standardized to make sure it does not contribute to too high downforce.

Car must be able to fit inside a box, made available by FIA.
Cars to be a maximum of 5 meters long and two meters wide.

Exhaust port to be placed in a standardized way so that it cannot be used to get a blown diffuser.

Plank removed or changed to metal to allow sparks from under the cars.

Points distributed down to P15. No points for pole or fastest lap.
1. 30
2. 26
3. 23
4. 20
5. 17
6. 14
7. 12
8. 10
9. 8
10. 6
11. 5
12. 4
13. 3
14. 2
15. 1
No double points for any race.

Red Bull Racing

Testing allowed on two days after certain GPs:
One day on each test reserved for rookie/test drivers with less than one season of F1.

So there you have it, my ideas for a more innovative Formula 1 that is aimed at giving higher mechanical grip, more engine development and have a green edge. It will give drivers that do not have much F1 driving on their resume the chance to get test mileage. No more boring rain races where the safety car leads the pack for 20 laps. You could also get cars that are individually designed and you would not have to see the livery to see which team a car belongs to.

Of course, these points will never be put into use because everyone would see the problems and not the opportunities. Which is strange since F1 construction and design is about being creative and find the loopholes.

Not everyone will like my suggestions but I wrote them because ” But these are some ideas that point to how I think Formula 1 would benefit as a sport and as entertainment as well as business.”.

What do you think? Comment here or on Twitter with #F1ideas.

See you on Twitter – @F1John

Jackie Stewart hade det här som arbetsplats

Jackie Stewarts desk.

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Twitter is killing blogging

At least it is for me. I have practically abandoned my blog that you are reading now, instead focusing on short Twitter messages.

It’s a different form of communication and at the moment that’s where my focus is. I will probably return to write more and longer here, just be patient.

Another focus is of course practicing my mountainbiking and making myself feel better. Endurance biking is good for the body.

Full speed ahead!

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The spoon test – quick aerodynamic school

Peter Windsor wrote about Enrique Scalabroni on his blog, linking to two videos where Enrique shows and talks about aerodynamics and the coanda effect.

We have all tried this when doing the dishes, without thinking about it. If you are curious about why the diffuser is so important on a race car or just why water clings on to a curved spoon, then you need to read and watch this.

Peter Windsors blogLink to Peter Windsors blog post about the spoon test.


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Årets utmaning – Cykelvasan!

Japp, nu ska jag åter göra något jag inte är tränad för eller har gjort förut.

Jag ska cykla mountainbike-tävlingen Cykelvasan. 90 kilometer Vasalopp. På cykel. Jag är inte alls tränad för det, men det är ett tag kvar. Augusti. Då ska jag vara i toppform igen. Följ när jag uppdaterar här hur min träning går!


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Mid-season analyze of the 2012 F1 season

1 Red Bull Racing-Renault 216 points
The 2012 constructors champions. Question is just if they will also grab the driver’s title?

I just wrote a tweet on ( ) saying “So next year, Red Bull will have two world champions driving for them in F1. yes, Mark Webber has signed for 2013.” So I think they can do it. Will Mark be able to pull away from Vettel enough to be the number one driver in the team when season is coming towards the end  though?

2 Ferrari 152 points
Fantastic in-season development and good driving from Alonso. As for Massa, I want to see more than one good race (Silverstone) before I say he is back in the game. Had he been able to be faster, Ferrari could have challenged Red Bull for the constructors title.

Possible driver champion in Alonso. There just can’t be enough positive words for how he has driven this year. Despite having a car that was well below expected standard, he drove the wheels off it to gather points in every race so far. Ferraris upgrades from the Spanish GP has brought him up to be favorite for the title.

3 Lotus-Renault 144 points
Lotus gets stronger for each race and will be fighting for race wins.

Great driving from Räikkönen in most of the races. He is up there and may be fighting for the title next year.

Grosjean is still quick but erratic. I seldom place him in my predictions for races, even when he qualifies well, because its max 50% chance he will do well. 50% chance he will crash. Probably on the first lap. He still drives according to “in or bust”. If he would manage to tone that down (some day) I think he could be fighting for the title. Still some years off though. He is quite an expensive driver to have in your team. Lots of overtime hours for mechanics and in the factory.

4 McLaren-Mercedes 142 points
The team that are usually best on in-season development has really failed on that bit this year. They started the season really good with Button winning and Hamilton third in Australia and then silently drifting backwards. I hope they come back on top soon, but I wouldn’t place them on the podium   for the upcoming 2-3 races. But as I said, they are usually fantastic with development so I hope I am proven wrong.

Button has taken 7 points in the last six races. He complains about having no grip. It can’t just be “feedback for the engineers”, can it? He seems both clueless and uninterested at the moment. Something weird is happening there.

Hamilton took pole in the two first races of the season and were on the podium for the three first. Then something happened. He has qualified well in six of nine races but after the three first races only finished on the podium in Canada, which he won.

5 Mercedes 98 points
Mercedes struggled more than anyone expected during the first half but in the last races seem to be much more comfortable. Especially Schumacher has found something in his car that he lacked earlier and when he is on it, he is fun to watch.

Rosberg is a guy that picks up his points and occasionally does something great. He hasn’t really surprised me at all this season.

6 Sauber-Ferrari 60 points
Sauber is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get. Looking at their statistics you would say they are a midfield team, which technically is true, but Perez has managed to do some really good drives and has taken the car to podium twice. In Canada he came from P15 to third. They understand the tyres well and can be creative in their strategies. Kobayashi has done some remarkable overtakings, but his results have been mediocre. Best results a P3 in qualifying in China and a P5 finish in Spain. He needs to step up his qualifying or he won’t be in F1 for much longer, which would be a shame since he is always fun to watch.

7 Williams-Renault 47 points
Williams has the great test driver Valtteri Bottas waiting on the sidelines. He will probably get a drive for next year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets to do a race or two instead of Senna already this season. Senna seems to not really understand the car. Or the tyres. When compared to the speed Maldonado has, it’s obvious he has work to do.

Maldonado on the other hand has looked at too many Senna videos.Using the classic “scare your opponents to leave room” drive may work in lower categories, here it starting to look a bit ridiculous. His speed though, that is without question. His sponsorship for the team is also vital so if he race a bit safer, he could be on the podium again this season, but I wouldn’t bet on him winning more races this year.

8 Force India-Mercedes 44 points
Force India is as much midfielder as you can get. It takes a lot of effort to get that performance hike needed to mix with the big names. They often finish the races around where they qualify so they need to get into Q3 a bit more often.

Di Resta is doing a solid job and has taken points in five races so far. Hulkenberg is learning and his fifth place at the European GP was well needed for his confidence.

9 STR-Ferrari 6 points
Toro Rosso is the big negative surprise of the season. Here we may see the downside of the tough “win or go home” style Red Bull has initiated for Toro Rosso. There really isn’t much to say except that it must be quite depressing in the team now. Will both Vergne and Ricciardo finish the season?

10 Caterham-Renault 0 points
Kovalainen has really driven the Caterham beyond its limits this season. It’s fantastic to see and I hope he gets a good car for next year. Unfortunately Kovalainen doesn’t make Petrov look particularly good. Would be good to see Petrov do a couple of good qualifyings and races in the second half.

11 Marussia-Cosworth 0 points
Positive words for Marussia is “they are stable”. Negative side of the same thing is “they are really bad”. Pic has managed P15 as best on two occasions. Otherwise he has been useless. Glock has used his experience to do well in the races, but the qualifying pace is horrible.

12 HRT-Cosworth 0 points
HRT has no budget, no performance and no drivers. Well, de la Rosa does what he can and it’s great that he gets to race some after all these years as test and reserve driver, but it can’t be fun, can it? Karthikeyan? Oh, come on.

The second half of 2012
We might see things settle now as we are at the midpoint of the season, but there will be surprises and we will hopefully get a fight until the finish for the drivers champion crown. At the moment Webber and Alonso seems to be the best bets, but we have seen things turn around quickly in the last races. I will be watching this year closely.

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Jag struntar i att bygga en ark

Vädret senaste månaden har fått mig att fundera över att byta namn till Noa och bygga mig en stor båt. Tyvärr hade de inte tillräckligt med virke på K-Rauta så jag gav upp den tanken.

Nu anmälde jag mig istället till tävling hos Hyundai att vinna en segling med deras 30 meter (100 fot) långa segelbåt. Perfekt för mig som inte tycker om vatten. Ännu ett sätt att utmana mig själv.

Om du vill vinna så kan du tävla här:


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Det är ett tag sedan sist, men jag finns här!

Länge sedan jag skrev något. Jag finns desto mer på Twitter:

Sedan sist jag skrev här har min föräldraledighet avslutats och jag har haft ett uppdrag hos Stockholmsmässan där jag jobbade främst med teknisk support för deras (mängder av) webbplatser. Jag jobbade också med utveckling av sociala medier hos dem.

Nu är jag hos SL och jobbar som redaktör med ansvar för bland annat SLs sida i Metro och en del allmänt på webben och intranätet. Kul att vara tillbaka och jobba med text och bild – det är det jag är bäst på.

Därför postar jag en bild på en Lego-apa. Ha en fantastisk dag!

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Det är fantastiskt att vara föräldraledig. Jag hinner inte göra någonting. Förutom att åka pulka, diska, städa, laga mat och annat sånt. Underbart!

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Äldrevården och upphandlingar

Det har varit mycket i media på sistone om den dåliga äldrevården. Det som är orsak till att problemen uppstått är samma orsak som att vägbyggen tar en ryslig tid i Sverige. Samma problem med att tågen inte fungerar eller att skolundervisningen är bristfällig.

Orsak till problemen är hur offentliga upphandlingar fungerar.

Problemet med äldrevården och upphandlingar är att man upphandlar till lägsta pris istället för högsta kvalitet.

Säg istället ”de här pengarna får ni, vad kan ni leverera för den summan”?

Vad säger ni politiker om det förslaget?

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Buses and trains

While you wait for your preferred train, the other trains pass. You never know if that train will come so why don’t you just step onboard one? You might get one hell of a ride.

Oh, this is a metaphore if you didn’t realize that.

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