The similarity between me and the Hulk

There are few similarities between me and any chosen superhero. Today I found one.

I have bought myself new running shoes and tried them properly today. Indoors of course as it would be sad to get them all wet from snow on the first test. They worked as expected as I were able to do a 10 minute session on the treadmill after five minutes on the crosstrainer. Some situps, pushups and so one completed todays light training. I am still trying to wake my body up.


Runners in the 2010 Stockholm Marathon. Photo: John Sjöstrand

Now I hope I will be able to take care of my legs. My biggest fear is that I do too much, too soon and get injured. That’s something superheros seldom risk.

When David Banner transforms to the Hulk, his trousers break up in excellent ways, making him look powerful. When I tied my shoes after the training my trousers broke too. However, not where the Hulks break, but in the one place the Hulks trousers doesn’t break. It did not make me look particularly cool. But it’s the closest I been to look like a superhero today.


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