Useless day trainingwise

Today I expected to play floorball (innebandy in swedish). It did not happen.

I woke up with some pain on the backside of my thigh. As I don’t want to risk anything at this stage I skipped the floorball and rested my legs. That should make it possible to do some running tomorrow. This is a boring blog post, I know.


As I don't have much to write about today, here is a random picture of two cute kittens.

On the good side, the helmet camera (Contour HD GPS) arrived and I have tried it in the car today. Film looks great, however the GPS positions seem to be a bit inaccurate. Must try with a better position for the camera to find enough satellites. Hopefully that will be better.

I might bring the camera to the treadmill, showing you how it looks.

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