The kit list arrived..

Right. I am now not sure we can go on this trip, because it said from the beginning that the gear needed would be made available for us, so I expected I would need basic clothes and shoes. This was not correct.

I am not sure we can afford to buy everything we miss on this list so we could really need some help. Can you lend me anything? Seriously, it’s not like the January budget allows all these things..

X marks stuff I have, Z marks stuff I don’t need. The rest I need to buy – and so does my wife so it looks like it would be a quite expensive weekend to buy all these things just for this trip..

X 1. Passport
2. 3 x large black plastic bags
X 3. Wallet and spending money for journey
4. Disclaimer form and Health Questionnaire (this will be sent to you separately)
X 5. Trainers
6. Boots
X 7. Casual shoes
X 8. Sports socks x 3 pairs
X 9. Training bottoms (running tights or tracksuit bottoms)
X 10. Underpants x 4
11. Wicking T-shirt
X 12. Thermal undershirt
13. Waterproof gloves
X 14. Spare Gloves
X 15. Beanie hat
X 16. Baseball cap
Z 17. Asthmatic inhaler (if asthmatic)
18. Thick Walking socks x 3
19. Thin Walking socks x 3
20. Tough Combat bottoms, preferably quick-dry. Not Jeans.
(Combat bottoms do not need to be camouflage)
X 21. Belt
X 22. Waterproof jacket
X 23. Waterproof bottoms
X 24. Long sleeved T-shirt
25. Warm top x 2
X 26. T-shirt/shirt x 3
X 27. Scarf/neck warmer
28. Daysack 20 litre
29. Large suitcase/backpack
X 30. Towel large
X 31. Towel small
X 32. Wash kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)
X 33. Note pad x 1 and pen/pencils x 3 (waterproofed)
34. Head Torch
X 35. Matches/Lighter
36. Multitool
X 37. 500ml Water bottle x 2
38. First Aid Kit (waterproofed)
39. Spare small waterproofing bags
40. Roll of string
41. Roll of tape

If you have anything on the list you can lend me/us, please do! 🙂

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