My tough challenge in Scotland

So I won this trip and trainingcamp in Scotland with Army Fitness via I got some sponsoring from Söderenergi in the form of clothes and gear and I borrowed things from friends that I did not already have. Last weekend away I went.

We flew out from Sweden, 24 brave souls between 19 and 51 years old. That’s what it was meant to be but a couple were missing and another two would quit after the first day. In Edinburg we got a ”lunchbag”to eat in the bus. ”Lunch” was water, sandwich, a fruit, cookies and potato chips. That was the food to survive on until the evening. Interesting.

First thing we did when we arrived at the camp were to remove everything from our bags, check all on the list were there. We got some extra things including a heavy wooden plank that would serve as our fake weapon, expected to be with us at all times. This was a civil camp after all even if we had military instructors.

After that we had to pack the bags again, very quickly. What had carefully been sorted and packed at home were now in a state of chaos. Not good. Not funny.

Back into the bus and away to a secret location – happily surprised it was for clay pigeon shooting with a very british instructor.
After that the tough things started. Very hard. Physical training (PT) and running until 8 in the evening. Pushups, log carrying and a lot of other things.

Incredibly hungry. Potato chips and cookies are not optimal for heavy training. Someone should tell the british.

After dinner the training continued with among other things – digging trenches – until two in the morning. Finally we got some sleep.

Having slept just over two hours, music on loud volume started. Woke us up at 5. Having listened to advice I were already dressed in running gear so I were prepared for the early mornings PT. The breakfast afterwards were very welcome.

The day continued with different physical and teambuilding sessions, like moving a heavy gun in parts some 300 meters, blindfolded obstacle course,climbing a telephone pole, military obstacle course and so on. Lots of clay and dirt, but the weather were better than expected during the whole weekend.

After that we packed our rucksacks for the rest of the days adventure. It started with four kilometers running with ”breaks” for PT. When we reached our goal we made lunch. We had got the british military field ration.  Unexpectedly good taste. May have something to do with hunger though.

We changed to boots for the next step. That was to take a walk up a steep 300 meter hill. Much tougher than expected becauase of all the previous running and muscle training. We helped each other in the group and finally reached the top. We were greeted with a beautiful view over the landscape all the way to the highlands snowy mountains.

We went down on tthe other side of the hill with one injured participants on a stretcher. Of course it was him who weighed the most with a a few kilos over 100. And we didn’t really have a stretcher. We had a tent whose fabric we used as a stretcher. That was heavy and difficult.

Haggis neeps and tatties

Haggis neeps and tatties

In the evening we had dinner in our ordinary clothes. We ate the scottish pride Haggis which made its entré to live bagpipe music. Taste like spicy ”pölsa”. Not at all as bad as you could expect. You should try it some day. Really.

After dinner dancing. They had invited ladies from the village and we danced folk dance for a couple of hours. Fun and sweaty.

Waking up at five again. Only a PT session in the morning but I had some knee problem, so I cleaned the house with the other three half-injured participants. After breakfast bus to the airport. When in line for boarding – where is my boarding pass?! I got thoughts that I might have to stay in Scotland and searched my bags, coat and more before I found it in a pocket on my trousers. Probably put it there to know where I would have it. Rest of the trip home went well.

It was a very tough experience that I am happy to have managed. 60 days before the trip I could run 300 meters and with the training program I set up I managed to run 3-4 kilometers before this weekend. I would never have done this training program if I had not had this camp to look forward to. It is never too late to start training again!

So I am happy to have done it. Would I do it again? No way! 🙂

If you would like to do something similar, Army Fitness Sweden has a camp planned for somewhere in Stockholm archipelago in April. Rumour has it that this camp will be longer as well as twice as tough – both mentally and physically – as the one in Scotland. I will not be there with you. 🙂

Good luck!

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