In an alternative reality F1 season started

In an alternative reality I spent this sunday watching the seasons first F1 race.

In reality I watched a 2011 season preview followed by the 1996 Australian GP. Not as exciting, but not much one can do about it as clashes in Bahrain continues in the shadow of the japanese quake.@F1John

I have spent my fair amount of time analyzing the testing and new regulations in Formula 1 and hopefully that will help in my pedictions for the races this year. I warmed up by nailing a couple of bets on NASCAR.

There are quite a few new things this year, moving rear wing, the tyres and KERS is back. That together with some pretty good new drivers should make for another exciting season. I will write my analyzis and predictions here over the coming days. You may or may not agree but I think you will enjoy the reading.


What will KERS be like this year? A few of the smaller teams will drive without KERS. Kovalainen is positive Lotus can do well without it in the beginning of the season, but we will see. KERS wasn’t very good two years ago, but it’s a great defensive weapon and will be used by cars ahead when the car behind use the rear wing flap. Will Lotus qualify high enough to be able to drive defensively?

If you can afford a £10 fee for the whole F1 season (!), with a chance to win really good prizes if you are good in predicting F1, then go to and then you can apply for membership in the private F1John Twitter League using League PIN: 286. Welcome!

More updates to follow.

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