What about Red Bull Racing?

The world champions Red Bull Racing will win again. They will have a hard fight with Ferrari in the beginning of the season and later on McLaren and maybe Renault will win races too.

Red Bull RacingThe pre-season testing have been fantastic for RBR in terms of pace. They have two great drivers and the best designer in the pitlane. The team will have self confidence this year, knowing they CAN win it all. Don’t be surprised if the mechanics grow real wings on their backs.

With Vettel now signed up until the end of 2014 and Newey also having extended his contract, they will have great stability which should only be positive at this stage. The question-MARK will be Webber. He is fast enough to be champion, but will he take the chance? He won’t be given the chance – he must take it.

The best moment showing how Webber and Vettel are came in Turkey last year when they crashed each other out. That showed two drivers with the will to win. It could have cost them the championships, but it did not. Well, maybe Webbers title chance in retrospective.

With Vettel becoming more mature and less desperate, he should only become a better racer. It’s not hard to single out him as the favorite for the title in 2011. I have placed a bet on Vettel and a small bet on Webber, despite not thinking Webber is ruthless enough for the title. He just seems like too nice. I hope I am wrong.

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